MultiForm - Select

Form Field Definition
single <Select label="Fieldlabel" id="Fieldname" type="single" sopts="Soptfile" />
multi <Select label="Fieldlabel" id="Fieldname" type="multi" sopts="Soptfile" />


attribute value Description
id {identifier} this identifier has to be unique throughout the form and must correspond to the compiled DataObjects property.
Note: id's for computed values should be preceeded with an underscore (_)
label {description} the label displayed in the top left corner of the field
type "single"|"multi" single = one option valid
multi = more than one option selectable
width {width in % or px} width in percent or pixel
sopts {soptfile} > select options
eval {ax/js expression} the result of the evaluation of this expression replaces the value of the formfield whenever the user leaves a formfield or clicks a button
evalCond {ax/js expression} example: true|false
default: true
whether or not the eval expression should be run
disabled {ax/js expression} example: true|false
default: false
whether or not the formfield is editable
format {AX_ValueConverter} example: Numeric({"markThousands":true})
AX_ValueConverter with parameter set